Saturday, September 24, 2011


My boy is 24 years old! He is currently 4 years older than me. What a creep!
His 24 year old birthday picture.
 We had a delicious dinner over at his parents house.  It was fun to spend time with the fam!
The day started with this.
then this....

and ended with this.

It was a great day.  My boy is growing up...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Utah State hey aggies all the way.

Just some photos from our Saturday night date night. USU beat up on Weber State.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moment of Silence

Dear September 11th,
It seems so easy to get lost in our own lives and to forget what a tragic day you were.  What a humbling experience it was to watch that documentary on those firemen who gave up so much to save lives of complete strangers.  We all watch movies of the world ending and these horrendous wars thinking life can't really be like that.  Terrorism and war became reality that day... We watched a clip done by the LDS church showing Eric's cousin who was a first hand witness to seeing the planes hit.   How blessed are we to have survivors from that horrible event.  How blessed are we to live in a land where a nation united together. 

God Bless America and those who are so bravely fighting for us.

On a lighter note, I made it to school without with hit by the sprinklers in the cemetery. How great is that?!

Also, Look how cute my husband is....
This is his "thinking cardigan".  He is real proud of this picture. 

He was working on his english paper.  He kept coming out his study room to ask me what he should write about, so concerned that he didn't know what to write.  After about an hour of about 15-two minute conversations about his paper, he says "Alright, it is time for my thinking cardigan." To which I thought...You really have a thinking cardigan? He sure did.  And what is amazing is it worked.  He finished that paper in no time. Thank goodness for his thinking cardigan.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Life. New Blog.

I have been married for almost 3 months now.  A real veteran in the marriage world... but really, I am a complete rookie.  When I got engaged I would joke about making a blog all about my new life with my very cute husband.  Then I realized a blog would be a great way to keep track of all the adventures marriage brings.  I don't promise to be the cutest or trendiest blog.  Let's face it, that just isn't me.  I do promise to share a little bit of my new life with you.

My life in a nut shell: 
   Grew up in Texas (The Best State Ever). Moved to Utah, seeing as my dad remarried. Now have a LARGE family consisting of 5 blood siblings and 5 by marriage siblings. Attending college at Utah State University.  Majoring in Family, Consumer, and Human Development with hopes in helping families and children somehow, someday. Married (obviously). Currently starting a whole new and exciting chapter of my life along side my best friend.

 His life in a nut shell: 
Grew up in Utah. Left for two years to serve an LDS mission in Germany. Attending Utah State University.  Only boy with two amazing sisters. Majoring in Nutrition Science. Pre-Dental. Jokester extreme.

The story:
Eric and I met in college though we both came from the same home town.  He was instantly love struck with my beauty... and I was instantly struck with his... humor. ha But really, this kid is funny.  (And he is pretty good looking I might add) We had a great beginning, a bumpy in between, and now a continuing great life together. 

A little taste of how well we match:
He is tall, me... not so much.
He is patient, me... not so much.
He is loves sky diving, me... not so much.
He hates tomatoes, me... not so much.
He can do funny voices, me... not so much.
He LOVES the cold, me... not so much. 

But, I must say there really are things we both love.

Such as... 
  • Mountain dew. 
  • Watching movies.
  • Going on drives.
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery nature has to offer. 
  • Eating in general.
  • Sarcasm
But mostly we just like being together. 

Let the blog journey begin.