Friday, June 29, 2012

San Diego

We made it! One whole year! Look at us go!
          And no.... there are no babies on the way thank you very much.

For our anniversary we went to San Diego for a week. We drove down and stayed with Eric's Uncle Todd in Mesquite and drove into San Diego the next day. Right about when we hit California the traffic stopped.  We were stopped for about 45 minutes.  We had no idea what was going on, but people were getting out of their cars to try and figure out why we suddenly stopped.  When we finally got to continue on our way we saw the crash.  A car had rolled on the side of the road.

This was the best picture I could get at the moment.  The rolled car is on the right hand. It was pretty bad. 

We went to La Jolla Cove.

It was beautiful!

There were sea lions just sun bathing and hanging out.

Yea, we know. We're good looking and all that.

We went for a little walk around the cove.  I miss the ocean!
 After our little beach day we went searching for some yummy fish tacos.  My mouth is watering still thinking about the fish tacos we had everyday we were there.  
The next day we went to the Kobe Swap Meet.  We got some new tee shirts there for $5 each so that was pretty nice. Then we went to the San Diego Zoo.  That zoo is so big! We were exhausted and took the guided bus around so we could make sure to see everything.  We were pretty bummed because the larger cat were all just lazy and hiding from us, but we did see some pretty cool animals.

Here's Eric, talking on the phone like usual.

Just being tender.

Monkey monkey

Enjoying our one of three days of sun.

Lions, they are huge!

On Sunday we got to spend the day with Eric's Uncle Phil and Aunt Diane, along with his cousins Charlie, Allie, Chris, Heather, and all their kids.  Eric's Uncle Phil thought Eric just made me up so it was nice to prove to him that I really do exist. The next day we went to one of my favorite parts... SEA WORLD!

We were on the sky ride deal and it was COLD!

I loved all the shows! Those animals are amazing! Watching whales do flips and trainers ride on dolphins. My favorite part of the whole thing was watching Eric smile like a little kid because he loved it all! 

Our last day there we spent in Coronado.  It was cold and gloomy, but we sat and watched the waves for hours.  It was great! We loved just relaxing by the beach.
He's real attractive....

We are real good at normal picture faces. I don't know if you can tell... but it was not sunny, warm California.

We ended our trip with a stop at the San Diego Temple.  We did a session there.  We did a session there and the spirit and the temple beauty itself were both amazing!

So that was the extent of our trip.  It was so great and refreshing! 

I am so lucky Eric and I are married.  He is such an amazing man! With all the stress of dental school he still find time to be there for me.  He still makes me laugh and makes me smile.  I know this part is gross and cheesy, but I love him. I am very blessed to have him in my life.

Jeff's Cabin

Back in March Eric and I went to our friend Jeff's cabin in Bear Lake.  It was such a great break for us! We went for a four wheel ride, had some steep tubing, and I got to shoot a gun for the first time! It was a hand gun and I'm now addicted.  Don't worry though, I won't be going on a shooting spree, unless I can talk Eric into taking me to a shooting range. 

On our way back from playing in the sun and snow we ran into a little four wheeler trouble.  Since the sun had been shining on the snow there were some soft spots in the snow.  There were three of us on each of the two four wheelers.  Eric, Jenny and I were on the second four wheeler so we got to watch the action.  The front left tire of the four wheeler Dusty was driving caught a soft spot in the snow swerving the four wheeler to get stuck in the snow.  Since the surrounding snow was so soft we had to build our own track to get the four wheeler out so we had to scrounge around for branches and twigs.

This is what we left behind.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Here we go

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy First Day of School. 

So before Christmas I got to go to Cali and Disneyland for the first time with my family.  It was a fun and exhausting trip.  We drove all day Friday then woke up early on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and stayed at the park until about 11:30ish every night.  Then we woke up early on Tuesday and drove all day.  I got home in Logan at around 12:30am only to wake up early to go to work.  So not a resting trip, but it was still a blast. 
I love rides and roller coasters! I couldn't get enough of the tower of terror.   My ride buddy since my hard-working husband had to stay behind and work was Jesse. He is a pretty cool kid... I guess. 
An added bonus to the trip was Aaron, Kristen, Ella, and Ty were able to come out and spend two days with us at the park.  I sure do miss them!
She is pretty much adorable.
Christmas was great. I got spoiled! Which, let's be honest, is always great.  My sweet Eric did great this Christmas! We had an early "Christmas".  Eric and I opened our gifts to each other on Christmas eve morning.  It was fun.  I was so happy we did it together like that! 

This is what our tiny apartment looked like after opening gifts.
What a joy to clean up after Eric left me to go to work.

Eric and I spent the night at my house after participating in the (literally) heart stopping fry fest.  A tradition that needs to rethought.  Our bodies are just not made to take in that much grease and oil,  even though the food was delicious at the time.  Eric suffered for about two days after his first exposure to the fry fest.  What a champ.  After we opened up some great gifts (like our lovely new black bookshelf) with my family we headed over to Russell's for a nice Christmas day.  They got Eric and I some fancy pants tooth brushes with we love!  We are easy to please.  They also got me some luggage.  My very own, bright blue luggage.  My first luggage!  So great!  So traveling here I come (well, hopefully anyways).  We pretty much spent the rest of the day with there with the whole Russell side.  It was a nice, chill day.  I enjoyed it! 

New Year's Eve was a little lame. Only in the fact that Eric and I didn't even kiss when midnight came around because we didn't even pay attention to the time.  It was a fun night though minus the lack of celebration.  We went out to dinner with the always fun Jenny and Jeff then came home and played games all night.  I really am such a fan of playing games.  I possibly get competitive, but it's fine.

Now that our school break (not a work break mind you) is over we are back in action.  So stoked for school... but really this won't be too bad of a semester.  These next few months will go by fast.  I can't believe that after this semester we will be sending Eric's applications out to dental schools all over.  Please already start crossing your fingers for us. Thanks. I know it will all be great.  Since Eric will be spending all him time these next few months at the library and at work and I now only have to work late one night a week I decided that I needed a hobby. So guess what I chose to do? 

Go ahead, guess.... 


I am going to train for a marathon.  So here is the plan: run the half-marathon in SLC in April then go all out and run the full marathon in Bear Lake in June.  AHHHHHH!  It'll be great...right? I've always wanted to so why not now?  I just need to kick it gear and start running.  Woo!

Oh and just a bragging moment for Eric:
Remember this?

His thinking cardigan actually worked!  English was his worst feared class and he ended up getting an outstanding essay award (and no, everyone in the class didn't get one).

It is still proudly hung on our fridge.

Well that is about all the excitement lately. Have a good, snowless January.