Friday, June 29, 2012

Jeff's Cabin

Back in March Eric and I went to our friend Jeff's cabin in Bear Lake.  It was such a great break for us! We went for a four wheel ride, had some steep tubing, and I got to shoot a gun for the first time! It was a hand gun and I'm now addicted.  Don't worry though, I won't be going on a shooting spree, unless I can talk Eric into taking me to a shooting range. 

On our way back from playing in the sun and snow we ran into a little four wheeler trouble.  Since the sun had been shining on the snow there were some soft spots in the snow.  There were three of us on each of the two four wheelers.  Eric, Jenny and I were on the second four wheeler so we got to watch the action.  The front left tire of the four wheeler Dusty was driving caught a soft spot in the snow swerving the four wheeler to get stuck in the snow.  Since the surrounding snow was so soft we had to build our own track to get the four wheeler out so we had to scrounge around for branches and twigs.

This is what we left behind.

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