Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I know this blog is all about my cute, fun marriage but I just need to take a moment to publicly pay a little tribute to the best woman I will ever know.  November 22 is my mom's birthday.  This day use to be the day we celebrated the past and the future we had with her.  Now on this day we celebrate the wonderful, sometimes hard, but amazing time we got to spend with her.  I will never be able to describe with words my love and adoration for my mom.  I will always honor her and the values that she taught me.  I'm not here to tell you that she was a perfect woman.  Non of us are, but I can tell you that she gave everything she had to her community, to her church, to her family, to her children, and to her husband.  She was everyone's best friend.  Whenever my dad talks about her viewing or funeral he tells how so many different women of different backgrounds would say, Hi I am so and so... I just lost my best friend.  What an amazing legacy to leave behind.    She was active in all our lives.  My mom was spread thin with having so many children involved with so many different sports, but she never lacked being involved.  She never missed a game, even when she was so sick.  I feel so incredibly blessed that even at 15 I was able to share a bond with my mother that was SO strong.  I have been told that I have my mother's heart and I hope I always will.   I always want to keep her generosity, willingness to serve, love for everyone she meant, and love for my children like she had for us.  For those of you that don't know her, I am sorry that you didn't have the opportunity to meet her.  If you want to know what she was like look at all her children.  We all share parts of my mom.  For those of you that have met her, you can share my love and deep respect I have for her.

Some of the good times:
Knowing that my mom would always be the loudest one cheering at any event.
Getting to make cards and cutting out projects for good old Stamp it up.  I still think about her every time I walk into a craft store.
Getting to "step" next to her in the mornings with she used one of those work out steps while watching Reggis and Kathy (before Kelly).
Getting to hold her hand while watching movies.
Finding a bear or a little card on my bed after I had a bad day.
Always having to pause my story because she was saying her prayer.
Decorating the house for Christmas (though take down day was always the worst!)
Amy Grant in the morning.
Buttered toast dipped in hot chocolate.
Many many more.

This post isn't meant to seem sad.  I truly have been blessed to have been my mother's daughter and I am greatly for all the lessons I have learned through this trial I have been given.  I can't wait until the day when Eric will get to meet her.  He will love her because she will laugh at everything and anything he says.  I am so grateful for the plan of salvation.  If you haven't told your mom you love her lately... now would be a great time.  =)

I put this picture on for Cassie... remember how Mom walked on air that day? haha

Friday, November 4, 2011

blog. blog. blog.

Alright... I am finally making the time to blog. I know I know. Your welcome.

Since my last post...

I have turned 21. Woot Woot. 

Eric was so great and threw me a little surprise party. 

We had fall break so my siblings came up for a fun/muddy hike.
We went to White Pine Lake. 
So glad my family was able to make it up.

Here are some fun photos from the day. 
If only you could see the mud.

We're hot.

Bobby being king of the rock.

It was beautiful.

He really does look normal sometimes. =)

Only part of the gang.

Who are these boys?

Growing up so fast.

Life has been busy with school and work, but marriage has been great!  Besides that fact that I am starving my husband because of my lack of desire to go grocery shopping.  Don't worry, he is fine. ha We had a fun time at the Chamberlin Halloween party.  I will post pictures of our costume in the next post. Until then have a great day!