Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apostle Islands

Been way too long for a blog update. I meant to update this more often to document what we have been doing out here and so friends and family from home can see what we've been up to as well. And it's been over a year... oops. =)

Milwaukee has been pretty good to us. We love it here! I couldn't ask for a better place to live during fall. We went to a pumpkin patch called Elegant Farmer with some friends a couple weekends ago. The apple cider donuts are by far my favorite thing about going there. 

The trees are beautiful this time of year, even though they are starting to become pretty bare. The bitter sweet thing about fall is it means winter is right around the corner, which is depressing a little bit. Nothing could have prepared Eric and I for the record cold winter last year. It was the coldest winter Milwaukee has had in around 20 years or so, and predictions are that this winter will be right there with it. 
Tree in our backyard
One cool thing about last winter was it was SO cold that Lake Superior froze over and created access to these really cool ice caves in Northern Wisconsin. Eric and I decided to make the road trip to the Apostle Islands to see the caves since they can only be accessed every couple of years. We didn't know if it would happen again while we were here, so we headed up the last weekend they were allowing people to walk around. We went in March. It was awesome! So glad we made the drive! 

Just walking on one of the great lakes. No biggie....

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